Mary Maxim

Catalog production included page layout, typography, photography direction, proof reviews and press checks. Exclusive pattern books created included cover design, product styling, digital photography, photo editing and color correction. Designed exclusive yarn labels and craft kit pattern instructions. Developed and launched multiple ecommerce and retail websites for both USA and Canadian operations. Created all print and web marketing materials for catalog, retail and ecommerce channels.

Spinning a Global Web

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Spinning a Global Web – Multichannel Merchant
(Originally printed on Feb. 1, 2002 in Catalog Age Magazine)

Global systems

“Mary Maxim, a needlework and crafts distributor based in Port Huron, MI, has seen the benefits of using a platform that allows for globalization. Each year, the company mails 14 million catalogs in the U.S. and another 6 million in Canada. The company also takes orders from Canadian and U.S. customers via its Website. Until four years ago, every item was input into the company’s e-commerce system twice — once for the Canadian portion of the site and once for the U.S. side. Although the online catalog offered only several dozen items at the time, it was clear that the duplicate processes quickly would grow unwieldy.

Lynette Baxter, Mary Maxim’s director of catalog production, reworked the Web catalogs so that both sites now use the same Sequel server database. Employees need to enter each product into the system only once. For the vast majority of products, both the U.S. and Canadian sides use the same item name, number, and description; it’s just the price that needs to be input on both the U.S. and Canadian sides. The streamlined administration is particularly helpful now that Mary Maxim’s Website boasts more than 1,000 items…”